A Day at the Park

Hope, 7 Months

We spent this afternoon at a park with my family celebrating Hope’s Grandpa’s birthday! She really seemed to enjoy being outdoors for the afternoon.

It was a nice day, just warm enough to be pleasant without being hot, though I found the breeze to be just a bit chilly myself. Hope is becoming more and more alert and responsive all the time. She is a happy baby, always ready to laugh and just full of smiles for everyone!

Her top teeth are coming in now, the middle two are just through, and the next two on the top look like they are going to be coming in right behind them. I think now that her teeth are coming in, she is developing quite an interest in trying them out – she likes to chew on any objects, clothes, and fingers she can find available.  : ) 

( Click on any photo to view image full-size! )


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