Sleepless Nights & Baby Love

So it’s just 15 minutes shy of 2 AM and I’m not sound asleep and happily dreaming in bed.

Instead, I’m staring (sleepily) at Hope’s beautiful little face while she contentedly eats her umpteenth meal of the day. I tend to ramble when I’m tired, but tonight my thoughts are wandering and I can’t help but think of how much I love this little girl.

A friend told me that once Hope was born I would understand and know what love really was. I think she was right. There are no words to adequatly describe the depths of my feelings for this tiny amazing and incredible little person.


  • I love those large dark bright eyes – I never tire of looking at them – and the way she is becoming so alert and intent on looking at the world around her.  : )
  • I love the way her little chin will quiver – like she’s about to cry – when she’s unsure or worried about something.  : )
  • I love the way she sleeps when she is totally relaxed – on her back – with both arms thrown up over her head.  : )
  • I love that sad look I get when she is about to cry – her eyes bright with brimming tears and the most heart-wrenching little pouty lips you have ever seen – all my ‘priorities’ are suddenly re-organized and she’s at the top of the list.  : )
  • I love the wide-eyed ‘wow’ looks she gets on occasion – so quiet but intently focused on something – I marvel at the wonder of seeing the world thru the eyes of a child.  : )
  • I love seeing Richard with his daughter – he is going to be such a good daddy – she brings out a new side of him that is beautiful to watch.  : )
  • I love seeing her smile – the little smiles that brighten her face at unexpected moments – they melt my heart.  : )
  • I love the ability I have to make her completely and totally happy – so many things I fail at though I try my best, but to Hope I seem to be her world – no matter how upset she is I can always make things better and make her happy.  : )
    Though I know she will grow and this will change, I wish I could keep her so happy and fix everything so easily forever.

( Click on any photo to view image full-size! )


One Response to “Sleepless Nights & Baby Love”

  1. Joanna Says:

    This site is so beautiful! And you’re right, that first picture of Hope is gorgeous 🙂

    Its wonderful to see your little baby grow. Now you know why women will go through pregnancy again and again despite the pain. (I won’t ask you to rate your pain yet though…Ill wait a year or so. lol)

    She is so beautiful, but she has an even more beautiful mother. 🙂

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